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                Changelly Review
The problem with most traditional Cryptocurrency exchanges is the unavailability of sufficient trading pairs, leaving users with no choice but to resort to making multiple transactions to get their desired Cryptocurrency.
Changelly is a Cryptocurrency exchange that has been in operation since 2015, its creators aimed to eliminate the technical barriers associated with traditional trading platforms , by creating an easy to use service that works just as well as any traditional exchange.
I feel this relatively instant cryptocurrency exchange can be an easy way to invest in cryptocurrencies that are not offered at your current exchange by simply swapping one cryptocurrency for another in real time.
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The website is a cryptocurrency exchange site that is said to have, the best exchange rates, an intuitive interface and secure transactions. When it comes to exchanging cryptocurrencies, you might have heard of this Exchange in various forums (including the Reddit thread on Bitcoin ).
I noticed the exchange platform currently supports 50+ cryptocurrencies during my Changelly Review Reasearch

These include; Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Bytecoin (BCN), Monero (XMR), Digital Note (XDN), QuazarCoin (QCN), Dash (DASH), Dogecoin , Fantomcoin (FCN), Ethereum (ETH), NuBits (NBT), Dashcoin (DSH), Ripple (XRP), Nxt (NXT), Aeon (AEON), Radium (RADS), MaidSafeCoin (MAID), Factom (FCT), Synereo (AMP), Bitcoin Gold (BTCG), Verge, among many others.
I have used Coinbase, Kucoin and Binance in the past to exchange BTC into ETH and few other currencies, but in between that I heard about Changelly. So it got me curious enough to research both for myself but also to find out more for my readers.
It is evident that all exchanges between cryptocurrencies are processed at a flat rate of 0.5%. There has also been a concern if if a Exchange asks some users to verify their identity but here its not the case, this platform claims that no personal information is collected or asked of the platform’s users.
Moreover, absence of dedicated wallet makes you a true master of your coins, since the platform serves only as a mediator between you and cryptocurrency exchange.
If you have any questions regarding fixed cryptocurrency prices, securing your account, transferring large amount of coins or virtually anything regarding cryptocurrency trading on this platform, This Exchange‘s support team is here for you.
Therefore, when purchasing cryptocurrency, we would recommend that you do your research when it comes to exchange rates by checking Changelly, Shapeshift and any other exchange that you may be active on before entering into a transaction to ensure that you obtain the best rates.
Changelly and Binnance are two of the most popular instant exchanges that currently offer users the opportunity to purchase and trade in various cryptocurrencies, or ‘altcoins’.
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Advantages I found while researching this Changelly Review
– Location. This exchange is situated in Prague, yet acknowledges customers from everywhere throughout the world, including the USA.
– No points of confinement. Changelly does not have least or most extreme sum limits, with the exception of in not very many situations when is set a base sum that necessities to cover the system charge. This is very helpful both for the individuals who need to simply get their feet wet and for the individuals who need to trade substantial aggregates.
– Fiat monetary standards. This platform offers exchanging around 35 cryptographic forms of money for EUR or USD, which is a significant critical number of alt-coins. There are not all that numerous trades that offer this alternative – most ordinarily give exchanging choices to just the biggest digital forms of money against fiat monetary forms.
– Credit cards. Installments with Visa and MasterCard charge cards, which is to a great degree advantageous for the clients. Payments with a 3D-secure card from any nation and in any cash. In any case, exchanges will be changed over either to USD or EUR. The installment charge of installments accomplice Simplex is 5% and nothing else
– Fees. Changelly charges a 0.5% exchanging expense, which is genuinely sensible and inside the business normal.
– Anonymity. In the event that they so wish, customers can remain completely unknown while trading crypto-for-crypto. This Exchange additionally furnishes the choice to join with a G+, Facebook or Twitter account, or with an email. On the off chance that trading fiat for crypto, there is no full obscurity, as the charge card has a holder’s name.
– Platform. This Exchange platform is amazingly simple to utilize, even by a tenderfoot dealer. The more experienced dealers, in any case, might be irritated by the absence of value diagrams and different devices and highlights, more often than not gave by the further developed exchanging stages.
I am of the feeling that This Exchange isn’t focusing on the genuine dealers, yet rather individuals who are exchanging just once in a while. In this way, from a fledgling client’s perspective, this platform is perfect.
– Tokens. Essentially similar to some different Exchanges, this platform acknowledges proposition for the consideration of other alt-coins.
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[h3]Disadvantages I found while researching[/h3]
– Cryptocurrency for fiat. Changelly does not enable the transformation of digital money to fiat cash, however just the buy of alt-coins for fiat money.
– No PayPal. For now this exchange does not acknowledge installments through PayPal. Be that as it may, we’d say the acknowledgment of charge cards makes up for this.
– Credit Card limits. This exchange has however put a few limitations on the initial couple of exchanges with charge cards. They are the accompanying:
USA, Canada and Australia – $50 confine for the primary exchange, the following buy could be made in 4 days (100$ farthest point), $500 following 7 days of the principal purchase. Close to 3 installments inside the main week. No restrictions in a single month by any means.
CIS locale (Russia/Ukraine/Belarus/Kazakhstan/Armenia/Georgia) – $200 restrain for the principal exchange. As far as possible increment should be possible in 24 hours. As far as possible for the principal week is $2000 and for the main month is $10000.
EU and different nations – $100 restrict for the principal exchange, the following buy could be made in 4 days with 200$ farthest point. Also, $500 following 7 days of the main purchase. Close to 6 installments inside the principal week. No restrictions in a single month by any means.
Also, regularly the client bolster is exhausted and in some cases can’t answer in an incitful way.
– Phishing. As per This Exchange and its own particular confirmations, their open API can be and is once in a while utilized for phishing tricks. They say they are dealing with settling the issue and advising the customers.
– Leverage. This Echchange does not offer utilized exchanging and this is very normal among the digital currency trades. There are a few, as Coinbase, Kucoin and Binance , who offer this sort of administration. There are likewise a significant number of forex merchants who are putting forth CFDs on a portion of the real cryptocurrencies for exchanging.

This Exchange is a swift cryptocurrency exchange platform that boasts of the best crypto-to-crypto rates on the market. Like is the norm with many cryptocurrency exchange platforms, you’ll need an account for you to start trading. Changelly is a popular cryptocurrency exchange providing the ability to instantly and seamlessly exchange over 80 altcoins at the best market rate or buy them using a bank card.
For example, you might want to convert your BTC to EOS but since the exchange you use doesn’t have the BTC/EOS trading pair you will have to convert your BTC to ETH before converting your ETH to EOS, and in both transactions, you will be charged fees.
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