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Create a human-like conversation between a Bot and a customer

Evaluate sentiment and take real time decisions using artificial       intelligence.
Incorporating proven                         chatbot technology into the                         existing instant messaging                         gateway provides the best                         of both worlds.
Customers                         can enjoy the fast, accurate                         responses that chatbots can                         offer yet easily drop                         through to an available                         agent at any time all                         managed by the standard                         routing record and                         reporting engines managed                         to a specific SLA.
Like chatbots, voicebots                         take the human emulation                         challenge one step further.
1Stream voicebots provide                         the benefits of speed and                         accuracy of a bot with the                         safety of dropping out to a                         human agent.
Speech analytics.
One of the cornerstones of                       contact centre management                       is quality management and                       compliance.
Speech                       analytics revolutionizes this                       space by providing                       automatic analysis of                       recordings searching for key                       words, phrases, conditions                       of conflict such as silence,                       overtalk and elevation of                       pitch.
Speech analytics                       allows 100% evaluation of                       contact centre                       conversations allowing your                       quality management team                       to focus on the                       conversations that matter.
1Stream have launched a                       local solution with a tailor-                       made language pack                       developed specifically for                       the South African market                       which is cost-effective                                                                      Sentiment analysis.
Customer satisfaction and                         customer experience go                         beyond the contact centre                         and directly impact the corporate brand.
As more companies move online rather than servicing at local branches the contact centre has become an important point of customer contact.
Sentiment analysis using cognitive services and artificial intelligence provides sentiment scores which translate to customer satisfaction and experience across all media channels.



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