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From: Denmark, Kobenhavn K
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a User-Led Open Source Foundation (Video)

Tag: Presentation.
2020-05-142020-05-14 Challenges of Tracking and Documenting Open Source Dependencies in Products: A Case Study (Video).
Today, Andreas (Andi) Bauer presented some of our work on managing open source dependencies in software products.
Please watch the talk below (local copy).
The presentation is based on the same-name research paper.

2020-05-142020-05-14 The Ecosystem of openKONSEQUENZ

a User-Led Open Source Foundation (Video).

Nikolay Harutyunyan presented some of our work on openKONSEQUENZ

a user-led open source consortium that develops software for local energy distributors.
Below, please watch the talk (local copy); the talk is based on the same-name research paper.

2020-01-152020-05-09 Open Source and Public Policy (Slides)

In this talk, I explain the significance of the software industry for a country’s economy and how to strengthen it using open source.
It is directed at public policy makers and the general public.
This is the slide deck of a previously posted video.

The deck is also available as a PDF for download
2019-12-182020-05-09 Open Source and Public Policy (Video)

In this short video, I explain the significance of the software industry for a country’s economy and how to strengthen it using open source.
It is directed at public policy makers and the general public.
Next to the Youtube embed, there is also an ad-free version courtesy of FAU, my main employer, as well as a simple download available.
Fast forward to the slides as well.

2019-12-182020-05-09 Open Source im Blickpunkt der Politik (Video

in German).
In diesem kurzen Video erkläre ich die Bedeutung der Softwareindustrie für die Wirtschaft eines Landes und wie Open-Source-Software diese stärken kann.
Es richtet sich an Public-Policy-Maker und alle interessierten Personen.
Die englische Version dieses Videos folgt; die Folien wurden vom FAU Sprachdienst aus dem Englischen ins Deutsche übersetzt (und von mir nachkorrigiert).
Neben obigem Youtube embed gibt es eine werbefreie Version auf der FAU Website sowie eine runterladbare Datei.
The slides are also available (English only).
2019-12-172020-05-09 Single-Vendor Open Source Firms and Intellectual Property Strategies (Video).
In this video, I explain the single-vendor open source business model (also: multi-licensing, open core) and in particular its intellectual property strategies.
This talk is partly a reaction to the recent licensing changes by commercial open source firms and the resulting confusion.
An upcoming article will go into more detail next year.
Next to the Youtube embed, there is also an ad-free version courtesy of FAU, my main employer, as well as a simple download available.
Fast forward to the slides as well.
2019-09-042020-05-09 Enabling Open Innovation with Open Data using the JValue Open Data Service.

Today I gave my JValue Open Data Service talk at USM (University of Sciences

Malaysia, at Penang).
I am grateful for the opportunity and the recording.
Abstract: Open data has the potential to create significant practical value for its users through open innovation.
Yet, to realize this value, we need an open ecosystem, next to open data, that allows app developers to create that value.
In this talk I present my view of this open ecosystem of open data and how it should be structured.

I then present the JValue Open Data Service (ODS)

an open source software under development at my research group, that provides a key piece of this ecosystem.
The goal of the JValue ODS project is to enable open innovation through app developers.
Continue reading “Enabling Open Innovation with Open Data using the JValue Open Data Service”              2019-03-132020-05-09 Single-Vendor Open Source at the Crossroads (Slides) #lfosls.
I’ll be giving a presentation on single-vendor open source today at the Linux Foundation Open Source Leadership Summit 2019.
Abstract: Most venture capital funding in open source flows to single-vendor open source firms.
With the struggles over licensing in the cloud, these companies find themselves at the crossroads: Stay true to open source or move to proprietary licenses, abandoning the goodwill and opportunities that come with open source.
In this talk I will review how this business model works, discuss the challenges posed to vendors by large cloud providers, and review the options on the table.
If you liked the slides, you might like the paper as well.
Next up: Why now.
And who.
The struggle over single-vendor / open-core licensing.
2019-01-272020-05-09 The Innovations of Open Source Kolloquium Talk at University of Hamburg.
Update 2019-01-30: The talk slides and a video recording (local copy) are available now.
I got invited and will be presenting a talk in the colloquium of the computer science department at the University of Hamburg tomorrow, January 28th, 2019, at 17:00 Uhr.
The talk topic are the innovations of open source and I will present a broad-brush account of open source as well as the industry problems and research challenges it poses.
The talk is open to the public.
Hope to see you there.

2018-07-052020-05-10 Ten Years of Inner Source Case Studies (Video)

Georg Grütter of Bosch recorded my keynote at the Inner Source Commons summit in Renningen, Germany, on May 16th, 2018, and put it on Youtube.
Please watch it below (original video, local copy).
According to Georg, the video is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 (for the Bosch part) and I agree (for my part).
Hence © 2018 Dirk Riehle, .

Robert Bosch GmbH (Georg Grütter and perhaps some other undetermined parties)
The original title of the video recording that Georg gave it is “Prof

Dirk Riehle on the ISC.

S6 – Ten Years of InnerSource Case Studies And Our Conclusions”

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