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Tips to Optimize Your Webinar Invitations

Updated on: April 6th, .

2017           Drive Webinar Registrations

Posted on April 6, 2017April 6, .

2017  by              How to Drive Registrations Using Invitations

The most effective way to promote webinars is by email.
Data shows that 80% of registrations come from a combination of email and site promotions.
It’s best to send a stand-alone email for your webinar.
Go beyond tacking on promotional mentions on regularly scheduled marketing messages.
Sending dedicated emails for each webinar results in  more registrations.
Here are a few ways to effectively promote your webinars by email.

Here are elements to include in your invitation: The elements for an Invitation

What: Webinar title.

When: Date and time of the webinar
Who: Introduce the people presenting

especially if there’s a guest.

How: Calls to action to register (buttons

links, etc.).
Why: What’s in it for the reader.
What problems will you help them solve?.
What: What will people learn.
What should they expect from the presentation?.
Care: The invitation is an empathetic host.
Remember to inform everyone whether the recording will be available if they cannot attend the live event.
Tips to Optimize Your Webinar Invitations.

Have Time Zone Empathy – Don’t make your readers have to do timezone math

Most people attempt to account for this by including 2-3 timezones in their invite.
You could even put a link with a timezone converter (ie.
Skillcrush or com).

State the Problem – Spell out the problem/challenge

It forces you to take on the perspective of your audience and provides a lead in to your description of what people can take away from the presentation if they sign up.
Make a personal connection – This will make your message compelling and convincing.
You can implement this by using images of people, making the invitation more appealing and warm.
Also, formatting is very important.
Formatting an email so the reader sees everything they need to know at a glance.
Send a simply-formatted, unbranded message.
Tap into the Fear of Missing Out– Add an element of scarcity because people tend to want what they can’t have.
Language expressing a scarcity of time or space -“now”, “limited seats”, “special invitation”, “time’s running out”.
Target your invitations – Target your webinar invitations at specific segments of your user base and email lists.

The golden rule of email – Relevance
Target an audience who’s more likely to be interested in the webinar’s subject

Some ideas for segments you can target.
Engaged newsletter readers.
Someone who downloaded an ebook or resource recently.
Recent signups to your product.
A specific segment of your user base.
Attributes like job role or signup source.

Send a sequence of Emails – Send at least two invitation emails

the second coming close to the date of the webinar.
That way you can put the time scarcity persuasion to work.

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