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the Unity 2018 version is in the TECH stream

SharePoint spaces–Mixed Reality for the Enterprise.
Unity LTS Explained.
There has been some confusion in the community around Unity’s versions and which ones should be used.
(If you’d rather watch a video, you can see it at the bottom of this post).

There are two streams – the Long Term Support or LTS stream and the TECH stream

When you need a stable environment that won’t change for two years, except for security fixes or major issues that affect a lot of people, you want to go with the LTS stream.

This can be thought of as the last released minor version of a major version of Unity

For example, .

Unity 2017.4 is the LTS version of Unity 2017
When you want to work with the latest features that Unity has to offer

you want to take advantage of the TECH stream.
Currently, the Unity 2018 version is in the TECH stream.
In general, if you are doing new development, .

You most likely want to be utilizing the TECH stream

If you release your game, app.

Or experience using Unity 2018.2

for example, then you will want to update your code once 2018.4 LTS is released.
That way you can be on the latest stable version that has long term support.

You will effectively move from the TECH stream to the LTS stream

If you are doing active development for additional content, or whatever, you could choose to stay on the TECH stream and upgrade your project to the latest version of Unity, which in this example would be Unity 2019.1 (which would be released at about the same time as Unity 2018.4 LTS).

There is a great image that Unity has that shows how this works

Here’s a video where I talk about this some more:.

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HoloLens European Inventor Award
Last week I saw a video from the European Inventor Award that I thought was worth sharing

One interesting bit they mentioned is… “Experts are predicting that over the next 4 years, so by 2022, that the market for mixed reality applications will grow to over 70 Billion Euros.” The opportunity here is pretty large, so don’t miss it.
In fact, I made a quick video talking about it.https://youtu.be/pYAgdLxpgyQ Or just watch the original video here:https://youtu.be/YvOnZW4nAuQ If you are thinking about getting into mixed reality development, and HoloLens development in particular, make sure you check out LearnHoloLens.com.
You don’t want to miss the opportunity to build these awesome experiences and take a part of the 70 billion dollar industry.
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