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DFX-8 v3.05i Created September 04

DFX-8 firmware.

Welcome to the Dakota Ultrasonics firmware upgrade area

The downloads listed below include both bug fixes and product enhancements.

The DFX-8 is equipped with USB.  When it’s connected to your PC

it will be displayed as an external drive/folder.  Simply copy the file below into the external root drive folder.  Connect the power adapter to the DFX-8 as a precaution to avoid losing power during the upgrade process.  Power on the DFX-8, press the MENU key multiple times until the XFER tab is displayed, and use the UP/Down arrow keys on the left wheel to highlight  “upgrade gauge”.  Press the ENTER key to display the file name to upgrade.  Finally, press the OK key to start the upgrade process (“do not power the unit off during the upgrade”).  The DFX-8 will power down and the lights will begin flashing throughout the upgrade process.  When the upgrade is complete the DFX-8 will power itself back up.  Feel free to contact Dakota with any questions you may have regarding the upgrade process.

Note: The single version posted below works for both DFX-8 versions (DFX-8 & DFX-8+)

Update your gauge.
DFX-8 v3.05i Created September 04, 2020.
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