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Case Study: Toronto Waterfront Development

Case Study  Utilities.
Oxfam International.
Project Scope.
Industrial Internet of Things.
Smart Water & Energy System.
Cognitive Analytics.
Whether it’s a local golf course or a large municipality, both large and mid-sized organizations, in a variety of industries, rely on mass amounts of water to function.
With this resource playing an integral role in everything from lawn care to waste management, its not surprising that water can have huge impacts on both the cost effectiveness of a company, or the sustainability of a community.
We offer custom solutions built specifically to the needs of each of our water clients.

Working with Oxfam International

we developed a system that could preemptively alert officials and resource managers of impending droughts and other conditions of high water stress in Eastern Africa.
After a careful needs assessment.

We implemented SI Core to allow utility managers to monitor water systems for supply

demand, and functionality in accordance with variables such as temperature, time of year, and location.
Within a matter of months.

Water managers in Eastern Africa were able to identify malfunctions in real time

allocate the necessary resources to remedy issues, and provide smarter water to thousands of animals and people across Kenya and Ethiopia.
Technology Solutions Utilized.
Intelligent Water.

Intelligent Water is a component to the Intelligent Operations Center (IOC)

This powerful tool puts community water information in the grasp of city leaders and water managers and allows smarter decisions to be made, faster.
SensorInsight® is a custom Element Blue product that allows you to dive into real-time event data.
This platform gathers information from sensor technology and collects, analyzes, and visualizes the data in an easy-to-use dashboard.
See More Solutions                                            Case Study: Lloyd’s Energy and Integrity Services.
Case Study: Toronto Waterfront Development.



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